• Jazz/Electronica Duo FILTER KINGZ

    Date posted: June 28, 2015 Author: jolanta


    Jazz/Electronica Duo FILTER KINGZ release new material after 10-year online writing collaboration

    After nearly a decade, the Soul/Jazz/Electronica duo FILTER KINGZ release a collection of new singles, EP’s and a Vinyl album project. This is the result of a ten-year, online musical collaboration between New York singer/songwriter JAMES AVATAR and Australian pianist/EDM producer PHILIP GELBACH.

    “Let The Band Play On” is a song off the new CHRONIC ELECTRONIC ORCHESTRA EP called “Respect The Playlist”– a satirical tribute to the Urban Dance music of the 80’s & 90’s.
    The humorous song, set in a deep Dancehall Reggae groove, is about an amateur performer who keeps getting heckled during his many attempts at greatness. (Explicit Lyrics)
    Available on iTunes 7/1/2015


    More about artist  http://jamesavatar.wix.com/avatardedmedia

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